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Jason Loguercio

Jason Loguercio

Owner / Head Coach

  • CF Level 2 Trainer
  • CF Endurance Trainer
  • CF Olympic Lifting Trainer
  • 14 years U.S. Army

Jason has spent 14 years in the Army and is still a current Florida guardsman. Also employed by a private company providing ISR support for military operations over seas, he is a UAV Operator in both sectors, military and civilian. He discovered CrossFit in November of 2010 while deployed in Iraq. Being the fitness nut that he is, he couldn’t help but to see what all the hype was about. Immediately hooked by the constant challenge, he has been CrossFitting ever since. CrossFit has become a very positive change in his life. His passion for the sport has turned into a career change. Seeing the difference it has made in his life, he strives to present the same opportunities to other people. Jason is a level 2 trainer, CrossFit Endurance Trainer, and CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certified Trainer. The inception of CrossFit Tecnica is a product of an entire year’s worth of ideas and hard work from half way across the world. Determined, Jason was able to do everything, short of physically opening the doors, all while deployed in Iraq. With the help of Family, Friends, and another local Affiliate, CrossFit Tecnica is now open and welcomes motivated individuals to become part of the CrossFit Community!It is also Rumored that Jason is able to cook 30 minute Brownies in 20 Minutes.

Coach Shawn Markussen

Shawn Markussen

  • CF Level 1 Trainer
  • USAF

Shawn Markussen was introduced to CrossFit when he realized he needed to reach an elite level of fitness during his pursuit to be a USAF Pararescueman. In the Pararescuemen Indoctrination Course training included:running, calisthenics, functional fitness, fining and water confidence (all under extreme intensity of physical and mental stress). Training paid off and he made it through the infamous Extended Training Day. Injury is very common during these training programs. After several fractured bones, he was removed from the course but he walked away with an invaluable experience in hard work anda passion for elite athleticism, preventing injury, and increasing mobility. He is now a Certified Level 1 CrossFit Trainer whose goal and devotion is to train those who are serious about reaching goals and establishing peak performance.Shawn has also been known to hurl tennis rackets at small moving objects with deadly accuracy.

KellyAnn McLaughlin Jenkins

KellyAnn Jenkins

  • CF Level 1 Trainer
  • CF Endurance Trainer
  • Head of CFT Endurance Team

Race Director for the St. Pete Road Runners. Team Captain for Team in Training Suncoast Chapter – St. Anthony’s Triathlon Team 2012.Kelly-Ann has been an athlete her entire life. At the age of 5, she began swimming competitively and continued to do so through college. While in college, she also taught swimming lessons to both children and adults at all levels. Soon after college, she found running as a way to stay in shape. It was through 100s of long runs that she began to fall in love with endurance sports. In the past 5 years, she has participated in countless road races and triathlons all over the country. After a couple years of endurance training, Kelly-Ann stopped seeing PRs at her races. She could race for hours, but could barely do a single push up, and she couldn’t get down to her goal race weight. She knew that to see results she would have to change and improve her training program. Crossfit was the catalyst she was looking for. Within 3 months of starting Crossfit, she knocked over a minute of her 5k, a race she hadn’t PR’d in 3 years. Along with a paleo diet, Crossfit has helped her continue to improve as an endurance athlete. Kelly-Ann is currently training for Ironman Arizona through the Crossfit Endurance program. She believes that combining a Crossfit program with a paleo diet will make anyone a better all-around athlete and endurance athlete.While on vacation in Canada, KellyAnn successfully negotiated with a group of terrorists who had seized a small bakery.

Kate Orme

Katie Orme

CF Level 1 Trainer

It took Katie about a year to find the courage to walk through the doors of a CrossFit gym. Finding the inspiration from a friend who is now a regional athlete a year prior, Katie was completely in awe of everything CrossFit had to offer. She was never a natural athlete herself and often quit any sport she attempted to try, so this was completely out of her comfort zone! Needless to say, after finding the gym that she now calls home, CrossFit has completely changed her life…and now she can call herself an athlete. She has been an elementary school teacher for the last seven years, but her true love is fitness and to help inspire and encourage others to step out of their comfort zone just like she did 3 years ago. Katie is also the founder of the worlds largest full contact origami league.

Lynnsey Terepka

Lynnsey Terepka

CF Level 1 Trainer

Lynnsey is a classically trained dancer who spent 12 years training at a local studio, where she also taught many different levels and styles of dance. She decided to give CrossFit a try when the gym routine she adopted once retiring from dancing was no longer exciting or challenging her in the ways she anticipated. Lynnsey was motivated when she saw she would be challenged in ways her dance background never touched. Very quickly Lynnsey realized she had found something that would test her both mentally and physically, pushing her to new limits and leaving her with goals she never believed possible. The discipline, perseverance and love for teaching she had developed over the many years of ballet gave her the desire to pursue her CrossFit Level 1. Lynnsey is passionate about helping others dream bigger and push themselves farther than they ever-imagined possible. Lynnsey manages time efficiently and writes award- winning operas.

Andrea King CrossFit Coach

Andrea King

CF Level 1 Trainer

Andrea’s love for athletics began at an early age. She grew up playing sports… she lived for sports. Starting at the age of five all the way through high school, she competed in soccer, softball, rowing, as well as competition horseback riding. She was talented enough to walk on to the varsity team as a freshman in high school. Because of her hard work and dedication, she was able to lead, not only her soccer team to gold medals, but her crew team as well at many shoreline championships.

Her love of athletics turned to a love for cooking while attending college. Shortly after beginning her college career, she decided to pursue this new passion. College courses and her athletics got pushed aside so she could become an accomplished chef. After accomplishing yet another goal, she decided it was time to get back on the athletic wagon again and she began training for 5k’s.

She quickly fell in love with running which quickly led her to weightlifting. She became an avid physique style weightlifter for three solid years. After moving to St. Petersburg a year ago, her friend introduced her to CrossFit. She began her CrossFit journey right here at CrossFit Tecnica. She fell in LOVE with the challenge of the sport. With motivation and dedication that commenced from childhood and continued support from Coach Jason and Katie, she decided to obtain her CFL1. She knew this was the obvious next step so she could coach the sport she has grown to love much. As a coach, her goal is to motivate and excite each and every athlete with lots of enthusiasm. Every one of the athletes she coaches can attest to this.

Maggie Bowman CrossFit Coach

Maggie Bowman

CF Level 1 Trainer

Maggie has been athlete her entire life. She ran her first one mile race when she was 6…no joke! She has a picture…it’s hilarious (see below). In high school she played soccer, tennis and cheered all 4 years. She also has been an avid runner since that very first 1 miler at the age of 6. She ran the Honolulu Marathon in 02′ which was her peak in the running scene. After leaving Hawaii she seemed to have lost the passion for running but quickly found a passion for yoga. To this day she absolutely loves yoga! At the time she found it to be the most challenging workout she had ever experienced, even more challenging than marathon running… that is until she tried CrossFit. After being a “yogi” for two years, she tried CrossFit. After her first CF workout she said, ” I honestly thought I might not go back the next day because I was so exhausted I really didn’t think I could!” (Sound familiar?) And like all of us after trying CrossFit for the first time, she did come back for more. For the first couple of months she was on and off mentally, thinking she just didn’t have the strength at her age to keep it up. However, she loved it so much she kept coming back. She recently shared with one of her peers, “I am so in love with this sport now it’s all I look forward to at the end of my day (besides my kids of course). I really want people to just come try it for a few weeks, it changes you in the BEST way possible. If your bored of everything else, come to CrossFit Tecnica! We will love you the minute you walk in and will be there for you the minute you accidentally let the wall ball hit you in your face. Trust me, you’re gonna love it!”

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