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FunctionalΒ Fitness

CrossFit is a core strength and conditioning program in two senses. The first being that we strengthen and condition the core. The second is that CrossFit is the core (primary) Strength and conditioning program for many Athletes, Martial Artists, and our Elite Military Operators. CrossFit “The Sport of Fitness” was born in competition. In addition to many athletes using CrossFit to improve in their particular sports, For many CrossFit IS their sport.Every year, thousands of athletes across the globe participate in the CrossFit Open. This is the qualifying Competition that begins the long road to the CrossFit Games. In addition to the CrossFit Games are many other local and national Competitions. With The growth of CrossFit comes the increasing number of these Competitions. Whether these events are held at a local gym or a large external venue, they serve as the “proving Grounds” for CrossFitters that want to compete. These competitions give athletes a chance to test and validate their fitness level and provide a very gratifying justification of all the hard work that these athletes put in.

Focused Fitness

Our Sport and Competition Program focuses on all of the high skill movements in all domains. The programming is a combination of in house programming and various proven and highly followed strength training methods. We are constantly evolving and improving our programming. The Sport and Competition Program is for the athlete who wants to compete in CrossFit Competitions and for athletes who want to improve and excel in their particular sports such as football, MMA and more. There are certain requirements to be part of the CFT Competition Team. For further details on this please ask one of our coaches.

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