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Why CrossFit Tecnica?

CrossFit is more than just a “gym membership”, it is a complete lifestyle change. Every CrossFit Gym is different in their own ways. The most important factor in choosing the right “BOX” is the feel that you get as soon as you walk in the door. CrossFit Tecnica is a family and when you train here, you are immediately accepted into our family. We have many members that commute a pretty good distance, because they are proud to train here.

Important Things to Ask When Choosing a CrossFit Box

1. Programming

Greg Glassman (Founder of CrossFit) once said “The magic is in the programming” The programming must make sense, it must work, and it must be PROVEN. CrossFit is Measurable, Evidence based Fitness. If you can’t measure it, how will you know its working? Here at CrossFit Tecnica, We pride ourselves on our Programming.We believe that unless there is Olympic Weightlifting in the actual WOD’s themselves, IT IS NOTHING MORE THAN A BOOTCAMP. We Lift here, and we will teach you everything we know. You WILL be proficient in all of the lifts. That is our goal. We have some of the BEST Olympic Weightlifting you will find and We invite anyone who challenges that to come in so we can prove it. Our programming works, and it works fast! We guarantee it, try us for 1 month and you’ll soon realize it.

2. Coaching

Check out the coaches Credentials and Certifications. Don’t just acknowledge those Certs, Look them up! Look up the testimonials and what people think about the coaches. How long have they been coaching? Look at their own personal performance. Do they look like they are fit? Do they work out with the classes, do they compete? We can PROUDLY say that our coaches are THE BEST you will find. They are field tested, battle proven, and each possess unique cues, technique, and teaching methods. We are confident that no matter who you are, how old you are, how heavy you are, how broken you are, WE CAN FIX YOU, and turn you into an ATHLETE.

3. Facilities

This one is up to you. Again all Boxes are different. CrossFit started as a Grass Roots Movement, Most gyms started in Garages all over the world. Today we have Massive “globogym” style “CrossFit” gyms that have all the nicest equipment, showers, locker rooms, etc…..  We have 5000Sq Ft or pure, Raw, CrossFit! We have Air conditioned showers and rest rooms, A Big Ass Fan to keep you cool but not too cool, Plenty of parking and plenty of space to spread out. We have everything you need and nothing you don’t. Our environment is designed to do 1 thing……….. Get you stronger, faster, and healthier. Oh yeah, you’ll also have a new family and gain some really awesome friends along the way.

4. On Ramp / Fundamentals / Foundations

Its all the same. CrossFit is not something that you can jump right into and stay away from any gym that allows you to do just that. There are movements and Lifts that need to be taught and taught correctly. This is so Athletes know how to Scale movements, avoid injury, learn proper technique and form, and most importantly, build a solid foundation to build on. This can not be done in 1 day, 2 days, or even 3. your On ramp should take as long as it needs to. THAT IS OUR STANDARD, and the reason why our athletes advance so quickly.


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